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check out the new reality yourself

What could be better than getting out on the road, to check out the new reality yourself and to find out about the fantastic future that awaits us? 

Fabriek Kramiek organises short trips, sometimes to destinations close by, and sometimes further afield, where we take you to locations, companies and organisations that make all the difference.

Often these players really do make a difference by creating the future themselves - because they are the forerunners.

Let our experts take you with them on an exciting trip. Their expertise will give you clear insights into the new and changing world of mobility, customer perceptions and energy. Our speakers have a passion for their field and will overwhelm you with new knowledge. But we will also help you to apply the things you learn, complete with handy tips.

A Fabriek Kramiek getaway will help you to see the future clearly. The participants all have one thing in common: taking charge of the future.